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We are doing virtual meetings using Zoom. We encourage you to connect with us on Tuesdays at 3 pm.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have on the DVMUG BBS. It is a great place for getting answers, especially in the specialized areas of the Gateway.

DVMUG members can check the weekly DVMUG News email or the DVMUG BBS for the Zoom meeting login.

Read more here for tips on how to use Zoom.

Don Don Nelson, President
Previous DVMUG Zoom Meetings at,
DVMUG YouTube Channel
DVMUG Zoom Classes

These classes will be included as part of membership in DVMUG. That makes the cost of membership an even better deal at only $40 per year. The cost of one of these classes via Zoom at the adult school is $25.

The classes will also be recorded and made available on YouTube only to DVMUG members. You can watch these classes on your Apple TV or Roku device on your big-screen TV any time you want.
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DVMUG Zoom Meeting Tuesday, 3 pm, Pacific
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DVMUG Mac Clinic
(Fourth Saturday of the month)
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DVMUG Picnic
As always, the group has supplied the meat and drinks, and the members have been encouraged to bring a dish or a dessert. This event has always been a lot of fun and we encourage members to join us for what has been a very enjoyable time with good food and good company.
Previous Picnic Photos

Jason Snell –  DVMUG Zoom Meeting 6-25-24 on YouTube
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Take Control of iCloud – DVMUG Zoom Meeting 9-12-23
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Jason Snell –  DVMUG Zoom Meeting 6-13-23 on YouTube
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TechTool Pro – DVMUG Zoom meeting on YouTube 1-24-23
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Adam Engst and Chuck Joiner – DVMUG Zoom Meeting, 11-15-22 on YouTube
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Bert Monroy – DVMUG Zoom Meeting 10-11-22 on YouTube
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Jason Snell – DVMUG Zoom Meeting 6-28-22 on YouTube
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Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac – DVMUG Zoom Meeting 5-17-22 on YouTube
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MacMost – DVMUG Zoom Meeting, Tuesday, January 18th on YouTube
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Jason Snell – DVMUG Zoom Meeting 6-22-21 on YouTube
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Take Control of Your Digital Legacy – DVMUG Zoom Meeting on 2-17-21 on YouTube
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Jason Snell – DVMUG Zoom Meeting 7-15-20 on YouTube
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DVMUG Meeting 5-20-20 on YouTube
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Protecting yourself from Scams, Malware, and Phishing Attacks
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Each summer this SIG meeting has explored the food and recipe resources available on the Internet and does in-house sampling and comparing of both common and exotic foods.
Previous Food SIG Photos

DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest
Each year in August, Rossmoor’s marvelous Peacock Theater has hosted a competition of short videos and slideshows by members of the Rossmoor Photography Club and our Diablo Valley Mac User Group. The best win certificates or the coveted grand prize Jeddo trophy handed out at a Wine & Cheese Social Awards ceremony. Check out some of our previous award-winning videos.
Previous Film Fest Awards

Previous DVMUG Internet SIG Meeting

Apple Airport Wi-Fi at the DVMUG Internet SIG Meeting 1-2-18
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Mac Security at the DVMUG Internet SIG Meeting 12-5-17
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Safari at the DVMUG Internet Meeting 11-18-17
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