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Jason Snell at the DVMUG Zoom Meeting 6-28-22 on YouTube


Jason Snell at the DVMUG Zoom Meeting 6-28-22 on YouTube

Topic: Apple WWDC 2022

Meeting length: 1hr 40min

Watch here

Jason Snell

Jason has written for Macworld for 25 years and was lead editor for over a decade. He writes about Apple at Six Colors and podcasts at Relay FM and The Incomparable.

Six Colors


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DVMUG Elections 6-21-22


DVMUG Elections 6-21-22

As required by our bylaws, DVMUG will be holding elections at our Zoom meeting on June 21st. The Board of Directors consists of 5 Directors which serve 2-year terms (2 elected in one year, 3 in the next) and 4 officers which serve 1-year terms. The officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Someone at this week’s meeting asked what each Board member’s job is, so here is some info from our bylaws:

The Board of Directors shall have control and management of DVMUG’s activities, establish all policies, and generally supervise the affairs of DVMUG. Additionally, Directors shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the President or other officer properly acting in the absence of the President.

President: The President shall serve as the executive officer of DVMUG, preside at all meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors, be an ex-officio member of all committees, exercise general supervision over affairs of DVMUG, and perform such other duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon a President.

Vice President: The Vice President shall act on behalf of the President in his or her absence and shall perform such duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon a Vice President and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors. If the President is unable to serve for one reason or another, the Vice President shall assume the responsibilities and duties of the President until either (1) the President is once again able to perform his or her duties or (2) until the next election of officers. If the Vice President becomes the President, the Board of Directors will designate a replacement to serve out the term of Vice President. In the event that the office of the Vice President becomes vacant for any reason other than the succession of the Vice President to President, the vacancy shall be filled as soon as practical by the President with the concurrence of the Board of Directors.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep and maintain the minutes of all of the Board of Directors meetings, in the form and manner prescribed by the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall record the results of all votes taken at the General Membership Meetings and shall maintain a current database of members of DVMUG. In addition, the Secretary shall perform any additional duties that are ordinarily incumbent upon a Secretary. The Secretary shall be a member of the standing Membership Committee.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall serve as Treasurer and maintain records of all fees, dues, and other monies collected and disbursed in the form and manner prescribed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer will also perform such duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon a Treasurer, including a Financial Report that the Treasurer will present at each of the Board meetings and as directed by the President at the General Membership Meetings. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall prepare and maintain appropriate books and ledgers (which may be kept in electronic form) and make disbursements as prescribed by the Board of Directors and consistent with the Bylaws of DVMUG.

So, those are the job descriptions. We are required by the bylaws to meet in January, April, July, and October, but we usually meet monthly. Sometimes we will cancel a meeting if we don’t have any pressing business. Meetings are currently being held via Zoom.

All of the currently serving Board members and officers have agreed to continue, however, if you would like to give it a try, the floor will be open for nominations before the elections are held in June.

Remember, a group such as ours doesn’t just happen. It happens because members are willing to give up a little more of their time in service to the group.

Don Don Nelson, President