Take Control of iCloud at the DVMUG Zoom Meeting 9-12-23 on YouTube

Joe Kissell – Take Control of iCloud

DVMUG Zoom Meeting on YouTube

At our Tuesday Zoom meeting, we have Joe Kissell from Take Control Books who will talk about his book, Take Control of iCloud.We will start the meeting at our normal 3 p.m. time and talk about the Apple iPhone 15 Event that happens at 10 that morning followed by general Q&A.

Joe Kissell will join us at 4:30 p.m. for the second half of the meeting.

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Take Control of iCloud


Apple’s iCloud service is highly useful, but it can also create headaches for the average user. In Take Control of iCloud, Ninth Edition, Joe Kissell explains how to avoid frustrations and make iCloud work for you across all your devices.

iCloud is a simple idea in theory—access to all your data on all your devices, via the cloud—that can become complicated when put into practice. Instead of wasting time fiddling with iCloud, when there are many other more important things to be done with the information it contains, learn how to minimize frustrations with Take Control of iCloud, Ninth Edition!

Whether you want a quick tip or a deep dive into the inner workings of iCloud, you’ll find what you need in this best-selling book by Apple expert Joe Kissell. Start by learning what iCloud can do, how it differs from other cloud services, and how best to set it up on Macs, iOS and iPadOS devices, Apple TVs, and Windows PCs.

Then, move on to finding out the key aspects—and hidden gotchas—of iCloud’s core features, including:

iCloud+, Apple’s paid membership tiers with extra features
Photo features: iCloud Photos, iCloud Photo Sharing, and iCloud Shared Photo Library

  • Family Sharing
  • iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library
  • iCloud Drive
  • Mail and Mail Drop
  • Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes
  • iCloud Keychain
  • The iCloud website
  • Location features: Find My Device, Find My Item, Find My Friends, and the Find My app
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Activation lock
  • Backing up and recovering data
  • Managing your privacy and security (including the use of Advanced Data Protection)

Take Control of iCloud

Joe Kissell

Joe Kissell

Take Control publisher Joe Kissell has written more than 60 books about technology, including many popular Take Control books. He formerly wrote for publications such as Macworld, Wirecutter, and TidBITS.


All Take Control books are delivered in three ebook formats—PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle)—and can be read on nearly any device.


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