DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Awards

DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Awards

 Peacock Hall in Rossmoor

Peacock Hall in Rossmoor

Each year in August, Rossmoor’s marvelous Peacock Theater hosts a competition of short videos and slideshows by members of the Rossmoor Photography Club, and our Diablo Valley Mac User Group. Our film makers work hard to create their masterpieces. The best win certificates or the coveted grand prize Jeddo trophy handed out at a Wine & Cheese Social/Awards ceremony. Support is offered aspiring videographers through DVMUG SIGs as well as direct support from experienced members. Check out some of our previous award winning videos below.


DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Awards 2019


DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Awards 2017


DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Awards 2016


DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Awards 2015

DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Cheese Photos 2015


DVMUG-Rossmoor Film Fest Awards 2014


Best iPhone Documentary, Demolition of the Dome, Jennifer Langan

Best Storytelling, Della and the Gentle Giant, Vern Hance

Best Nature Video, Life in the Kelp Forest and Coral Reefs, Peter Weiler

Best Travel, A Glimpse of London, Shari Dyer

Best Slideshow, Winged Friends, Steve Goodall

Best of Show, A Glimpse of London, Shari Dyer


Best of Show, Ring of Fire, Peter Weiler

Photographic Excellence, Ring of Fire, Peter Weiler

Promotional Excellence, BePeace, Shari Dyer

Best Travelogue , 60 Years Ago, Vern Hance

Excellence in Editing, Stepping into the Ruth Bancroft Gardens, Jennifer Langan


Best of Show, Journey into the Past, Phyllis OíShea

Story Telling Award, Journey into the Past, Phyllis OíShea

Best Travelogue,  Viva Italia, Rose Bowe

Scenic Achievement,  Colorado Autumn, Shari Dyer


Best of Show, Dearest Darling, Lynn Curtis

Creative Camera Award, The Blue Angels, Ed Mason

Family Film Award, Smile!, Jeff Rade

Travelogue Award, Why England?, Philip Neff

Story Telling Award, Urban Lumberjack, Vern Hance and Carol Hance


Video Travelogue Award, Why Alaska, Philip Neff

A Tour of the Buddha Gate Monastery, Daniel Yu

Nine Lawyers And My Husband, Dorothy Davis

Zain Meets Reyna, Jeff Rader

Oceans R Us, Lynn Curtis

My Wall – My Life, Dick Dowell


Beat of Show,  Coronation of Spring, Robert Rothgery

Photography,  Many Faces of China, Rose Bower

Documentar, Preston’s First Haircut. Mike & Connie Grover

Storytelling,  Flying and Me, Ed Mason

Editing,  Coronation of Spring, Robert Rothgery

Creativity, Lynn Curtis, Faces of Viet Nam


Best of Show, Safari Serengeti,Lynn Curtis

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