DVMUG iPhone-iPad Meeting Tuesday, July 24th

DVMUG iPhone-iPad SIG Meeting

Tuesday July 24th
7pm to 9pm

(Fourth Tuesday of the month)

Pleasant Hill Community Center
320 Civic Drive, McHale Room
Pleasant Hill


This meeting location is for the iPhone-iPad SIG only.
All other SIG meetings will continue to be at the DVMUG office.
The DVMUG Main meeting will continue to be at the Pacheco Community Center.

Chris Wysocki

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iOS 11 apple.com/ios/ios-11/

The iPhone-iPad SIG is meets at the Pleasant Hill Community Center in the McHale Room, just down the road from the DVMUG Office.

This month we will review the iOS related announcements from Apple’s WWDC Keynote.

If you’ve installed iOS 11 and have questions, we’ll answer them. Also don’t forget to share any fun apps you’ve found with the group. If there is something you would like answered or covered in the SIG, let me know in the iPhone/iPad SIG conference on the BBS


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iOS 11

DVMUG Picnic 2018

DVMUG Picnic 2018

More photos at, photos.app.goo.gl/MH6gciVHM5Dq2n3N7

DVMUG Picnic 2018

DVMUG Mac Clinic Saturday, July 28th

DVMUG Mac Clinic

Saturday, July 28th
10am to Noon
1:30pm to 4pm

(Fourth Saturday of the month)

DVMUG Office
396 Civic Drive
Pleasant Hill


Leader: Rick Calicura

Clinic volunteers include,
John Sobrero
Anne Griffin
Don Nelson
Tina Tanenbaum
Brenda Boswell
Chris Wysocki

Map Get a map to the DVMUG Office

Previous Clinic Lunch Photos at,

Dedicated to making sad Apple devices happy. A staff of experts will help you add RAM, upgrade your operating system to the latest version, put in a new hard drive, or fix your slow-running or bad-acting Mac, iPhone or iPad. Appointments for the MacClinic must be made by phone (for triage), then time slots will be assigned. Just as a reminder, while the MacClinic is free, the club relies upon your donations to help offset the club’s ever growing expenses.

Add RAM to your Mac
Upgrade your Mac to an SSD drive
Install a backup drive or recover data from a hard drive
Upgrade macOS or iOS to the current version
Migrate your apps and data to a new Mac
Securely erase an old Mac for ewaste or donation
Backup your iPhone or iPad to your Mac
Sync your iCloud to your Mac, iPhone and iPad
Perform housecleaning and remove old apps and downloads from your Mac

MacClinic Favorite Apps

malwarebytesMalwarebytes app cleanerAppCleaner MacUpdater
etrecheckEtreCheck mactrackerMactracker
DiskWarriorDiskWarrior Carbon Copy ClonerCarbon Copy Cloner SuperDuper!SuperDuper! Easy FindEasy Find

Disk Utility

DVMUG Food SIG Dinner 2018 Teleferic Barcelona

DVMUG Food SIG Dinner 2018 Teleferic Barcelona

Teleferic Barcelona

More photos at, photos.app.goo.gl/JNiGAMeRYG1BHhP97

DVMUG Food SIG Dinner 2018 Teleferic Barcelona

This Week at DVMUG 07-14-2018


This Week at DVMUG 07-14-2018

DVMUG’s Food SIG is this Tuesday evening, where Anne Griffin and Karen Mahshi will be hosting an assorted sampling of this month’s chosen food.

General Meetings are taking a break over the summer months but that’s not to say we’re not doing anything. This week, in place of the General Meeting, DVMUG will be having its annual picnic. This year it’s at the same location as last year, in the heart of Rossmoor, at the Sportsman’s Park in the Hillside complex.



The Diablo Valley Mac Users Group helps Macintosh users get the most out of their computers. Software, hardware, digital filmmaking, photography—these subjects and more are covered in the club’s monthly General Meeting, workshops, and Special Interest Groups.

You are invited to attend our general meetings at the Pacheco Community Center for vendor and club presentations on new hardware, software, and other items of Mac interest. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. with a Question & Answer segment where you are welcome to ask about your own Mac problems; there’s a break during which the club Mac experts answer your questions one-on-one, and a raffle in addition to the main presentation, usually by a software publisher or hardware manufacturer.

Dues for the entire family are $40 per year-a bargain! Especially since it includes access to the club’s award-winning monthly newsletter, ApplePRESS, and attendance at all Special Interest Group meetings including the monthly MacClinic, where club experts diagnose and repair what’s wrong with your Mac as well as helping you with software upgrades, hard-drive replacement, and similar improvements.