Tapas at the DVMUG Food SIG Meeting Tuesday, July 17th

DVMUG Food SIG Meeting

Tuesday, July 17th
7pm to 9pm

(Third Tuesday of the month)

DVMUG Office
396 Civic Drive
Pleasant Hill

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Leader: Anne Griffin


Leader: Karen Mahshi

Each summer this SIG meeting explores the food and recipe resources available on the Internet and does in-house sampling and comparing of both common and exotic foods. Those who meet at the office at 5pm, before the SIG meeting’s official start at 7pm will have a bite to eat before returning to the office to check out recipes and info on the Internet.

Previous DVMUG Food SIG Meeting Topics and Photos

Facebook  You can RSVP on the Facebook meeting page

This month’s dinner will be at:

Teleferic Barcelona
1500 Mt Diablo Blvd
Walnut Creek


Meet at the Office to carpool over at 5pm, or at the Restaurant at 5:30, then back to the Office at 7pm.

The topic this month will be Tapas

Teleferic Barcelona

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